My whole life I had a plan. I knew where I was going and I knew what I would do to get there. Until one day I didn’t. For so long I felt stuck, uncertain, unmotivated. Should I quit my job? Should I move cities? Should I date more? What am I doing? I didn’t know. I had no clarity, I wasn’t living with intentionality. I had no direction. I started seeking answers, journaling, noting the things that made me happy and fulfilled. I started setting goals again. I started smiling more. I started feeling like myself again. And that’s why I created Cat Marte Coaching….Read More.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Energy and Time

When I say “your energy,” what comes to mind? At first I thought of it as some abstract, mystical thing that isn’t measurable, similar to the vibes, the auras. What…Continue reading5 Ways to Protect Your Energy and Time

September 2020 Book Review

I stumbled upon Brendon Burchard on the Joe Rogan podcast and was impressed by what he had to say. Then somewhere towards the end or the middle, he said my…Continue readingSeptember 2020 Book Review

3 Things stopping you from reaching your goals.

There was a time in my life where I felt like I had a clear direction and plan of action to get there. Then I hit all my goals and…Continue reading3 Things stopping you from reaching your goals.

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