Day 12: Product Battle: Shea Moisture vs. Maui Moisture Deep Conditioners

30 Day Writing Challenge

“and from watching approximately 300 hair videos on YouTube…”

Back in high school, when I knew nothing about anything, I used to style my hair with gel products like Extra Hold Eco Style. Back then my curls were crunchier than a bag of Cheetos. Only when I began my nature hair/natural beauty/natural lifestyle journey did I realize I was self-inducing a lifetime of baldness and hair thinning. Fast forward ten years later and ALOT of trial and error, I’m finally at a point where my hair is extremely healthy, soft, bouncy—all that good stuff.

Even so…I am constantly looking for natural, non-harsh, non-toxic hair products to keep my curls happy and healthy—and from watching approximately 300 hair videos on YouTube—I know everyone else is too.

One of the most important (curly) hair routines is deep conditioning. Why? Because deep conditioning is really what keeps your hair soft, moisturized and protected from the harshness of just being alive. Think about it, if it’s sunny out, your hair is getting baked; if it’s windy, your hair is getting pulled in all directions; if your at the pool, the chlorine is recking havoc on your hair; if you are snowboarding, the harsh cold is also killing your hair. Hence, rehab-ing your hair is essential.

Down to Business

Shea Moisture has been an OG of natural hair products for forever. I love almost all of their products and use them religiously. But a girl also likes options, so I’ve been using different natural hair products and comparing them to my “baseline” Shea Moisture products. Maui Moisture is a new line I’ve been using, and I must say, I’m really impressed by it! Here is a side by side comparison.

Why I love it

Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque has no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, among other banned ingredients. These are ingredients that are harsh for your hair and really shouldn’t be in hair products. It also has a nice smell to it and you can leave it in as a leave-in conditioner!

Maui Moisture

Again, Maui Moisture has no silicones, parabens, or sulfates, among other banned ingredients. It smells lovely and can be found literally everywhere— CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart— where ever you are looking you will likely find it.

What They Lack

Shea Moisture

Even though Shea Moisture may be the older brand, I sometimes have trouble finding it in my local drugstore. For example, I found Shea Moisture Co-Wash in a Walgreens in NJ once but have never seen that at my local CVS here in the DMV.

While the products are generally of high quality, I find that the slip (aka detangling power) of Shea Moisture’s deep conditioner is average at best. I can’t just detangle with my fingers, it takes a wide tooth comb and some patience.

Maui Moisture

Two things that really frustrate me about Maui Moisture is 1. I can’t find it on EWG- which is an awesome site that breaks down all the ingredients in a product and tells you how safe they are. An alternative is just looking up all the ingredients one by one but that takes forever.

2. It lists fragrance as an ingredient. “Fragrance” in many cases is a catch all term for all the stuff that manufacturers don’t want you to know. Transparency is the key to my heart so this is a huge problem.

The Verdict

I really like both of these products. What it really comes down to, is what is more important for you. For me, I appreciate the natural ingredients and full disclosure of Shea Moisture. Even if I have to sit there and detangle my hair for an extra 5 minutes, at least I have peace of mind because I know exactly what’s going on my hair.

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