Who am I?

I know who I am. I am a women. I am Latina. I am a reader, a writer, an investor, a compassionate person, a treehugger, an animal lover. I am a human being. I thought I knew who I was. I am Black. My people are Black. We come from the Hispaniola. Our people are mixed with Taino, African, and European culture. We ignore the … Continue reading Who am I?

A Low Waste Dog: How Fido can Help Save the Planet

I’m back in NJ with the family. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know they cause me eco-anxiety. Yesterday I went to the store with my nephews and whipped out my reusable bags at checkout, to the surprise and amusement of my nephew, Michael. He told me NJ has started charging for plastic bags at supermarkets and other stores (progress!). In my … Continue reading A Low Waste Dog: How Fido can Help Save the Planet

When is the right time to end a toxic relationship?

You know the story— the he said, she said; the lies; cheating; the arguing; the “getting back” at each other. Or maybe it’s not that bad— maybe he just sucks the life out of you with his negativity; maybe her constant nagging is crushing your soul; maybe they are just holding you back from your true potential. But you love them…Can love conquer all? That’s … Continue reading When is the right time to end a toxic relationship?

On my reading list: Books by black authors

Recently I added a section to the website for books that I’ve read and highly recommend. But I think it’s important to talk about the books that I am planning to read, especially during these crucial times where we could all use some more guidance and education. As we enter a new era of social justice, people of all shades, shapes and sizes would benefit … Continue reading On my reading list: Books by black authors

Mantra Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Even in the best of times, anxiety is no stranger, so it’s no surprise now in the worst of times. There is plenty to be anxious about; I was talking to a friend earlier today about the current protests and she said, “Older generations have seen this before — the riots in the 1980s, 1960s, etc— but this is the first time our generation is … Continue reading Mantra Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Life Lesson #70: The Path to not being BROKE

Two words: Delayed Gratification. This message really spoke to me in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s  Rich Dad, Poor Dad and I feel it was one of the major things that separated rich dad from poor dad. Even in the beginning before any lessons were taught, he talked about how rich dad lived in a smallish, beatdown house, whereas poor dad had a nice-ish house. It’s the … Continue reading Life Lesson #70: The Path to not being BROKE

Perfecting your Skincare Routine

I can’t image quarantine life has been kind to anyone, so I thought this week I’d share a little self care routine to keep us all distracted while also doing something good for ourselves. Skincare is something I’ve grown a huge interest in these last few months. Truth be told, I’d always been someone interested in skincare but as my 28th birthday approached, I was … Continue reading Perfecting your Skincare Routine

Why Personality Tests are Useless

Director of the Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab at the University of California, Simine Vazire, told The Atlantic in 2017 that the only thing a personality test can tell you is what you already know. And that’s it folks; no mystery here, that is my thesis. But let’s unpack this, shall we? Okay, first things first, let’s all agreed that the majority of people LOVE personality … Continue reading Why Personality Tests are Useless

Stop Eating Trash

NUTRITION… I have alot of thoughts. Nutrition is such a tricky topic because so much of it is cultural. I remember one day talking to one of my friends who is studying to be a nutritionist and she said (not in these exact words) “the job of a nutritionist can be very touchy because people have had the same diet for generations, and for a … Continue reading Stop Eating Trash

Eco-anxiety: it’s real.

For the past three weeks I’ve been “quarantining” at my mom’s house in New Jersey where my brother, his wife, and my grandmother are currently staying. Needless to say I’ve been living outside of my comfort zone and outside of my normal routine. It seems I am always confronted with my own privilege, biases and overall financial security whenever I leave my bubble in DC … Continue reading Eco-anxiety: it’s real.