Monthly Book Recommendations

August 2020 Book Review

My friends and I unofficially started a little book club and this was the first book. We all braced ourselves for a tear jerker and potentially the saddest think we’ve ever read (based on the reviews). I didn’t think it was all that sad, frankly. Maybe because I felt it was an unfinished story or maybe it was the philosophical tone of the whole thing, … Continue reading August 2020 Book Review

June 2020 Book Review

The trauma and pain in this book truly touched me. It goes without saying that humans can be unbelievably cruel and treacherous, to the point where we barely process the deep wounds left behind. I love the way Human Acts breaks down that pain, one human at a time. Buy it here. This book takes a deeper dive into the shortcoming of military service in … Continue reading June 2020 Book Review

July 2020 Book Review

In all honesty, I picked up this book because I wanted to get to the bottom of the term, “Defund the Police.” It was something that scared me because I thought, well don’t we need the police? But like most slogans, it’s just a down bite that has more meaning and nuances then simply defunding the police. So I more or less knew it meant … Continue reading July 2020 Book Review