Book of the Month

Sharing my love of reading and the books I read (try to, anyways) every month! I love books with a message or a deeper lesson hidden behind the words. Most of the books I read are narrative nonfiction, historical fiction, dystopias, and so forth. I started the Book of the Month to help keep myself accountable and reading as much as I can. The hope is that my recommendations spark the joys of reading in others!

3 Important Lessons I Learned from a Successful Rapper.

Yesterday I stumbled on a rare sighting: an interview with rapper Joyner Lucas, the artist behind the iconic I am Not Racist song. The first question of the interview was,…Continue reading3 Important Lessons I Learned from a Successful Rapper.

September 2020 Book Review

I stumbled upon Brendon Burchard on the Joe Rogan podcast and was impressed by what he had to say. Then somewhere towards the end or the middle, he said my…Continue readingSeptember 2020 Book Review

August 2020 Book Review

My friends and I unofficially started a little book club and this was the first book. We all braced ourselves for a tear jerker and potentially the saddest think we’ve…Continue readingAugust 2020 Book Review

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