Why Personality Tests are Useless

Director of the Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab at the University of California, Simine Vazire, told The Atlantic in 2017 that the only thing a personality test can tell you is what you already know. And that’s it folks; no mystery here, that is my thesis. But let’s unpack this, shall we? Okay, first things first, let’s all agreed that the majority of people LOVE personality … Continue reading Why Personality Tests are Useless

Not Every Flower Blooms

Erin’s mom woke up early to make her and her brother, Bobby, pancakes before school. It was a big day. Erin and Bobby were taking their SATs today— well re-taking, Erin was retaking her SATs and Bobby was taking them for the first time. She’d already taken them junior year but wasn’t satisfied with her score. She’d actually scored pretty well, but that score wasn’t … Continue reading Not Every Flower Blooms

Happiness Hypothesis Review Chpt 1-4

Where we left off…  I want to explore how we obtain happiness in our everyday lives. How do we cut down on stress and worry, and start living our lives to the fullest. To tackle this seemingly impossible task, I’ve decided to write a series of posts to review and summarize Dr. Haidt’s book and other works out there on happiness. Now… I’d say I’m … Continue reading Happiness Hypothesis Review Chpt 1-4

Happiness Series: Where to start?

A quest for answers… I recently started reading Jonathan Haidt’s book, the Happiness Hypothesis, and while only on chapter 3, I find that it has opened my eyes to really interesting findings on the human brain, psychology, and morality. This makes sense since Dr. Haidt is a moral and ethics professor at NYU. But the book, according to its title, isn’t about morals and ethics, … Continue reading Happiness Series: Where to start?

Day 30: #MaskMondays Beauty Routine

30 Day Writing Challenge Disclaimer: I may earn a commission for any purchases that you make through certain links on my site, at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own, I only link products and brands I’ve personally tried and believe in. Read full disclaimer. It’s day 30 of my writing challenge (more like 30 posts within 60 days but here we … Continue reading Day 30: #MaskMondays Beauty Routine

Day 29: The Art of Mindfulness

Healthy Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge There seems to be widespread misconceptions and misinformation about mindfulness. The term itself is a Western concept inspired by the ancient Eastern practices of Buddhism, but taking on a slightly new meaning. According to Virginia Hoffernan’s witty, if not cynical, piece in the New York Times Magazine, it came to be as a rough translation of the Buddhist … Continue reading Day 29: The Art of Mindfulness

Day 28: Frugal ≠ Cheap

Saving Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge Yesterday I went out with a friend and we were having a conversation about money. She kept referring to herself as cheap and I kept correcting her and saying she was frugal, not cheap. It is easy to conflate the two but they are not one in the same. While being cheap can be a hinderance on your … Continue reading Day 28: Frugal ≠ Cheap

Day 27: Cash is King

Saving Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge More countries around the world are embracing the concept of borrowing money, especially as national economies become intertwined with one another. For example, it used to be well off families sent their children abroad to get degrees, but now you do not need to have the money upfront because there are international private loan companies that will loan … Continue reading Day 27: Cash is King