Day 13: The Wind Blows

30 Day Writing Challenge I’m moving east. But the wind blows west. I trudge forward but the wind won’t rest. What do you call a sailboat that can’t sail? It floats at sea. Nothing to be done as it travels west. Aimlessly past the world. I am this sailboat. I float. The wind blows west. And I float. Continue reading Day 13: The Wind Blows

Day 12: Product Battle: Shea Moisture vs. Maui Moisture Deep Conditioners

30 Day Writing Challenge “and from watching approximately 300 hair videos on YouTube…” Back in high school, when I knew nothing about anything, I used to style my hair with gel products like Extra Hold Eco Style. Back then my curls were crunchier than a bag of Cheetos. Only when I began my nature hair/natural beauty/natural lifestyle journey did I realize I was self-inducing a … Continue reading Day 12: Product Battle: Shea Moisture vs. Maui Moisture Deep Conditioners

Day 11: Error 567—When life interrupts your plans…

30 Day Writing Challenge Here’s the thing— sometimes we have these HUGE plans for ourselves and then BOMB, life happens and ruins it all for us. For example, I’m currently doing this 30 day writing challenge, but yesterday there just wasn’t enough hours in the day. I woke up at 5am to walk my dogs and get ready for a 6:15am pilates class. Then I … Continue reading Day 11: Error 567—When life interrupts your plans…

Day 10: Life Lesson #3—How to save money like an impulse shopper…

30 Day Writing Challenge The million dollar question: Why am I always broke? The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? I, Cat Marte, admit I am an impulse shopper. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but when it does happen, it’s like BOOM there goes all my progress. There is hope still! Having read several blogs and other sites on how to save … Continue reading Day 10: Life Lesson #3—How to save money like an impulse shopper…

Day 9: En Español

30 Day Writing Challenge Estoy escribiendo una novela corta de mi experiencia personal tratando de enfrentando la muerte de mi padre. Cuando termine la novela, quisiera traducirla a español. Primero porque seria bonito darle esa escritura a mi mama, y segundo porque la experiencia fue con mi familia latina, así que, siento que seria mas autentica a historia en español. Esta entrada de blog es … Continue reading Day 9: En Español

Day 8: Tangled Part 1

30 Day Writing Challenge Coral is a mess. She slowly opens her eyes as she tries to massage the circulation back into her right hand. She feels her watch uncomfortably poking her wrist but she doesn’t takes it off—in fact, she never takes it off because anything she doesn’t have strapped to her she loses. Except her dogs—the dogs she walks that is. Those are … Continue reading Day 8: Tangled Part 1

Day 7: Life Lesson #47- Don’t be bitter.

30 Day Writing Challenge The other day I was talking to a friend and I was telling her a story about an ex-boyfriend of mine. The story was that I was a needy little pest who was constantly complaining that he wasn’t paying enough attention to me. My friend was surprised that I’d called myself out and said it was big of me to admit … Continue reading Day 7: Life Lesson #47- Don’t be bitter.

Day 6: I am Broken

30 Day Writing Challenge As I feel of your touch, I get a deep tingling feeling in the pits of my stomach. It’s a childish thing, like two kids giggling on the playground. Sometimes I imagine what it might be like if you stuck around, then I frown because guys like you don’t stick around. Guys like you. Why do I date guys like you? … Continue reading Day 6: I am Broken

Day 5: Our Burning World.

30 Day Writing Challenge In light of the environment march happening today and throughout the weekend, I’ve decided to reflect on our burning planet. What I really don’t understand about the likes of Fox News and other outlets is that they like to toot the conservative horn and say they are God loving Christians, blah blah blah, but then they blindly follow an administration that … Continue reading Day 5: Our Burning World.

Day 4: Metamorphosis

30 Day Writing Challenge Like clockwork Diana walks into chem class everyday 3 minutes before the bell rings. She sits in her usual spot in the third row with her friend Beth. When there’s a group assignment, though, Beth turns around and pairs up with her boyfriend Joe…this leaves Diana looking around the room for an open partner. She spots Chanel sitting in the furthest … Continue reading Day 4: Metamorphosis