Creative Writing

Some people like to do things they are good at, and others like to do things they are interested in (if not particularly good at them). I think creative writing is a bit of both for me. It’s an outlet for creatively and a challenge.

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Wonder Girl

She walks a fine line between beauty and pain. What is beautiful and not painful? It isn’t love, it isn’t success, it isn’t vanity. There’s no such thing. She wants to be free and she wants to be loved. She wants to love and she wants to be free. What is love if not a burden? Can you love and not care? Can you care … Continue readingWonder

A Short Story

After years of living elsewhere, she walks the streets of her hometown in amazement. Where there was once concert, there are now patches of green. She use to drive 20 minutes and a few towns over to get to the dog park, now there’s one around the corner … Continue Reading

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Not Every Flower Blooms

Erin’s mom woke up early to make her and her brother, Bobby, pancakes before school. It was a big day. Erin and Bobby were taking their SATs today— well re-taking, Erin was retaking her SATs and Bobby was taking them for the first time. She’d already taken them junior year but wasn’t satisfied with her score. She’d actually scored pretty well, but that score wasn’t … Continue reading

Let’s build something together.

Even us “creative types” run out of ideas (or else there would be no such thing as writer’s block). Do you have a writing prompt or short story idea? I’d love to hear them! Share your ideas below.