Not Every Flower Blooms

Erin’s mom woke up early to make her and her brother, Bobby, pancakes before school. It was a big day. Erin and Bobby were taking their SATs today— well re-taking, Erin was retaking her SATs and Bobby was taking them for the first time. She’d already taken them junior year but wasn’t satisfied with her score. She’d actually scored pretty well, but that score wasn’t … Continue reading Not Every Flower Blooms

Day 26: Skeletons Part 3

30 Day Writing Challenge Read Part 1 & Part 2 Skeletons Jorge makes it home just in time today, but when he walks in he doesn’t find Valentina. The kids aren’t home either—this is strange, he thinks. He walks cautiously into the living space towards the kitchen as if someone is going to jump out at him. No one is there. No one is home. … Continue reading Day 26: Skeletons Part 3