Day 28: Frugal ≠ Cheap

Saving Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge Yesterday I went out with a friend and we were having a conversation about money. She kept referring to herself as cheap and I kept correcting her and saying she was frugal, not cheap. It is easy to conflate the two but they are not one in the same. While being cheap can be a hinderance on your … Continue reading Day 28: Frugal ≠ Cheap

Day 27: Cash is King

Saving Habits 101 30 Day Writing Challenge More countries around the world are embracing the concept of borrowing money, especially as national economies become intertwined with one another. For example, it used to be well off families sent their children abroad to get degrees, but now you do not need to have the money upfront because there are international private loan companies that will loan … Continue reading Day 27: Cash is King

Day 21: Don’t Give Up.

Some #MondayMotivation to get your week going. 30 Day Writing Challenge When I was younger I had so much fire in me. I was the youngest of 5 and somewhat of a golden child. My parents, my teachers, my friends— they all thought I would be something in life. I was known as the “smart one” in my circle of friends. I soaked that shit … Continue reading Day 21: Don’t Give Up.

Day 20: The Truth about Side Hustles…

How to really make money from a side hustle. 30 Day Writing Challenge The Infamous Side Hustle. I just watched an 18 minute Youtube video on side hustles. It is one of countless Youtube videos and blog posts that I’ve seen or read detailing the many side hustles at your disposal. What many of these videos and posts don’t tell you, is just how hard … Continue reading Day 20: The Truth about Side Hustles…